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Friday September 5, 2008

Military Aviation Centennial

Merely 100 years ago, Orville Wright flew the Wright Flyer at Fort Myer, Va. Orville's test flight eventually lead to the Army's purchase of the first "aeroplane" in 1909 and established a flight school at College Park, Md. This celebration is designed to highlight the efforts of the U.S. military that led to the purchase of the Army's first plane and subsequent events that created the establishment of Military Aviation. The commemoration is an Army-led, military-wide, family-friendly celebration with the Fort Myer military community hosting the capstone event because of its place in history as the home of the first military flight. The Fort Myer event will consist of demonstrations, exhibits, static displays, bands, marching units and flyovers.

What has the Army done?

Military aviation, in terms of powered flight, transformed the concept of war, beginning 100 years ago. Its development resulted from innovative thinking and collaboration between the Army and industry partners. Those characteristics embody our military efforts today as well. Our nation's successes in combat, humanitarian relief and space exploration are directly tied to our efforts to pioneer aviation.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army continues to transform today to meet the needs of the nation. Army Aviation is a vital part of our force and provides critical capabilities that reduce Soldier and unit risk, making them more survivable and effective against current and future adversaries -- deployability, operational speed and maneuver, mobility, agility, enhanced protection, situational awareness, precision, endurance, sustainability and responsiveness.

This Army-led, military-wide celebration will highlight Army aviation accomplishments and future with demonstrations, exhibits, static displays, bands, marching units and flyovers. In addition, the 1908 Wright Flyer has been recreated, and will return to Fort Myer for the first time in 100 years.

Why is this important to the Army?

Army Aviation technologies enable the force commander to see first, understand first, act first and finish decisively--enduring capabilities for America's Army: The strength of the nation.

The military aviation centennial is a time to celebrate the Army's enduring aviation legacy while looking to the future of military aviation. It gives us pause to remember the contributions of our military aviation pioneers. Their spirit and determination live on in today's military aviation heroes serving in dozens of foreign nations worldwide.


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"What we are trying to do with that theme is remind Soldiers, battle buddies and leaders - whether they are on the battlefield or off the battlefield - that they can lean on a fellow Soldier."

- Lt. Col. Thomas E. Languirand, chief of the Army's personnel command policy and programs division

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