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Tuesday September 2, 2008

What is it?

September is National Preparedness Month. Three years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and with the events of Sept.11, 2001, locked into our collective conscience, the Army Emergency Management program (Protection Division, Army Asymmetric Warfare Office) is launching Ready Army, a proactive community awareness campaign to empower our Soldiers, families and Army civilians to prepare for all hazards. Through outreach and education, Ready Army calls our Army community to action and aims to create a culture of preparedness that will save lives and strengthen the nation.

What has the Army done?

The Army recognizes the full spectrum of threats that face our Soldiers and families in the 21st century. As we strive to restore balance, increase the readiness of our force and improve the quality of life for our Soldiers and families, Ready Army offers the tools to prepare the centerpiece of our Army for challenging times.

To provide the best possible resources, the Army is the first service to formally partner with the Department of Homeland Security's national "Ready" campaign expanding the preparedness message to meet the unique needs of our Soldiers and families stationed around the world. Ready Army fact sheets, posters, booklets, press kits and multimedia resources cover 25 diverse man-made and natural threats, and provide information on requirements and resources specific to the Army (including the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System). The information is designed to mitigate the effects of a catastrophic emergency acting as a time and resource multiplier for emergency first responders and medical first receivers.

What does the Army have planned?

Ready Army will officially launch in a high visibility event in the D.C. area on Sept. 18, National Preparedness Awareness Day. Concurrently, Ready Army events are planned at installations around the world during September, a symbol of the Army's commitment to preparedness and the beginning of an enduring campaign fully integrated into the Army lifestyle.

Why is this important to the Army?

The strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their families. When the next emergency occurs our Army families must be prepared, both for their safety and for the peace of mind of our forward deployed Soldiers.

Ready Army. Preparing Army communities today for the hazards of tomorrow; keeping America's Army strong!


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Aug. 31-Sept. 7, 2008:Armed Forces Voter Week

September 2008: National Preparedness Month

Sept. 2, 2008: Post World War II Japan

Sept. 7, 2008: Freedom Walk

Sept. 7-13, 2008: National Suicide Prevention Week

Sept. 11, 2008: Patriot Day

Sept. 18, 2008: National Preparedness Awareness Day


"Today, Anbar is no longer lost to al Qaeda - it is al Qaeda that lost Anbar. Iraqis - like countless other Muslims across the world - witnessed al Qaeda's brutality first-hand and rejected it. As a result, Anbar has been transformed and reclaimed by the Iraqi people. The success of Iraq will make the American people more secure and help yield the peace we all desire."

- President George W. Bush

Bush: Iraqis take control of Anbar province security


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