Medical Evaluation Board/ Physical Evaluation Board (MEB/PEB) Process

Thursday August 21, 2008

What is it?

When a physician determines a Soldier is unable to perform full military duty or is unlikely to do so within a reasonable period of time (normally 12 months) or when optimum medical care has been reached, the Soldier is referred to the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).

The MEB, made up of at least two physicians, documents the full clinical information of all medical conditions and determines whether each condition meets medical retention standards. If condition(s) meet retention standards, the Soldier returns to duty. If there are condition(s) which do not meet retention standards, the MEB forwards its findings onto the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for review.

The PEB, a three member board, to include a physician, conducts an informal review to determine whether the Soldier is fit or unfit to continue to perform his or her primary military duties. If fit, and the Soldier agrees with the findings, the Physical Disability Agency (PDA) provides the final approval and the Soldier is returned to duty. If unfit, the PEB determines whether the Soldier is eligible for compensation. If eligible, the PEB determines a rating percentage using the Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities and makes a recommendation as to whether the Soldier should be separated with or without severance pay, permanently retired or placed on the temporary disability retirement list.

Soldiers may appeal any findings and recommendations of the informal PEB and demand/request a formal board. All PEB findings, whether the Soldier is found fit or unfit, go to the PDA for final approval. Soldiers may appeal any findings of the PDA.

Who or what can help Soldiers through the MEB/PEB process?

The Soldier's primary counselor and information resource is the Physical Evaluation Board liaison officer (PEBLO). The PEBLO counsels the Soldiers on their MEB/PEB findings and related rights and benefits. There are many moving parts to the MEB/PEB process and by keeping in close communication with their PEBLO, Soldiers can move smoothly through the process. The PEBLO works in the patient administration division (PAD) for the medical treatment facility and not for the PEB. Soldiers can track their MEB /PEB online.

What is important for Soldiers to remember when going through the MEB/PEB process?

While the MEB/PEB process can be complicated at first glance, the Army is dedicated to the care of its Soldiers, whether they are staying with the Army or transitioning to civilian life. Soldiers should take every opportunity to seek the advice of Soldier's counsel while going through the MEB/PEB.


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"America owes the men and women of the Veterans of Foreign Wars a debt that could really never be repaid. You fought for our freedoms. And then when you came home, you volunteered to continue to serve this nation."

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Bush salutes veterans, present-day military at VFW convention

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