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Thursday August 14, 2008

What is it?

Recognizing that most expeditionary capabilities of our Army are network dependent, the chief of staff of the Army has established the network as an enterprise activity. The Network Service Center (NSC) global construct represents the operational dimension of the Army enterprise network within the larger joint enterprise that will provide economies and efficiencies of centralized network services, significant improvements in computer network defense posture and key enabling linkages to expeditionary forces (June 16, 2008 Army Campaign Plan). The NSC is the warfighter's communications and network enabler, providing consolidated Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM)support to all bases, posts, camps and stations, which includes transport, data processing, modeling and simulation and network operations capabilities.

What has the Army done?

The 5th Signal Command, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, is on point for the Army Chief Information Officer/G6 in operationally implementing the NSC. The 5th Signal Command provides centralized information technology (IT) support and planning to all U.S. Army, Europe/7th Army customers and enterprise and content management, network defense and network operations oversight of all networks within and traversing through the European theater. In conjunction with the Army CIO/G6, NETCOM and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the 5th Signal Command is leading the way in IT enterprise maturation.

Operational validation of the NSC concept, demonstrating select "fight upon arrival" capabilities and improved network security posture, will occur in 2009. Utilizing an enhanced orders process, NETCOM will leverage the global NSC construct to transition a warfighting unit from Continental United States (CONUS) to outside of CONUS across the joint phases of operation, culminating USAREUR/7th Army's Austere Challenge 2009 Exercise. This operational validation is part of a phased strategy to instantiate and execute NSC capabilities globally.

Why is it important?

The NSC, validated by the 5th Signal Command, represents a paradigm shift and creates a template for continued Army Signal transformation.

The NSC is essential because it provides continuity of information services to the warfighter. It incorporates theater network operations and security centers, STEP/TELEPORT sites, enclaves in area processing centers (APCs), regional 6's (theater strategic signal battalions) and the network warfare center on a global level. Through the NSC, a brigade combat team (BCT) from anywhere in the world can contact their respective NSC to transfer their services seamlessly to any other NSC, thus transparently supporting warfighting units for any mission at any location. Ultimately, the servicemember will maintain a single e-mail identity no matter where they are in the world. Eventually this singular information construct will carry to phone numbers, login, and all forms of electronic identity.


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"Our sole goal is to safely and rapidly deliver humanitarian aid to Georgia to alleviate human suffering and save lives. We will continue to support this humanitarian mission until the host nation and the U.S. State Department determine that it is no longer needed."

-Col. Benjamin Everson, chief of U.S. Army Europe's International Operations Division

U.S. military provides humanitarian aid to Georgia


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