Army's Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Tuesday August 5, 2008

What is it?

The Army Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is the formal term used for all Army unmanned aircraft. This term recognizes that it takes more than just the aircraft to fly a mission. The system also includes the ground control station, the ground data terminal (Data Link) and launch and recovery equipment. The Army currently flies five different systems: Raven, Shadow, Hunter, Warrior A and Sky Warrior. These systems are tailored to the mission and echelon that they support.

What has the Army done?

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Army had only one UAS company in service. Today the Army has grown to more than 653 systems, flying over 2,000 aircraft. By fiscal year 2015 that number will grow to 2,100 systems, with 6,200 aircraft. The Army is building on it's successes by embedding the systems as an organic capability in maneuver units from the division down. The Army has also expanded the role of these systems from purely Imagery Intellligence (IMINT) visual observation to: Man/Unmanned (MUM) aircraft teaming, weapons delivery, communicatios relay, Measurement & Signature Intelligence (MASINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) collection. These capabilities in many of the systems occur simultaneously, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of individual asset.

How does it affect the Army?

The decision of the Army to embed UAS in the maneuver unit has lead to greater integration of the system into the maneuver plan. Where the Air Force provides a window that their assets are available to the ground commander, the Army ensures that the BCT commander and below not only has an asset that's collocated but also under their command.

How does this benefit the individual Soldier?

The Army UAS strategy puts real time information into the hands of the Soldier reducing the time from sensor to shooter. While it is important to feed the intelligence process, getting actionable information into the hands of the warfighter is the Army's primary focus.


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-Col. Ted Martin, commander of the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team

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