Army Preparatory School

Monday August 4, 2008

What is it?

The Army Preparatory School (APS) pilot program, which begins operations today, has the mission of providing otherwise-qualified recruits without high school diplomas the opportunity to earn a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) before basic training.

What has the Army done?

The Army has established a preparatory school at Fort Jackson, S.C. to help recruits get a GED. The APS will accept 60 Soldiers per week (240 total attendees) for a four-week academic program. Recruits who pass the GED go on to basic combat training; those who don't are discharged.

The program also immerses recruits in fitness, discipline and life skills. Those completing the program will have a foundation for learning and core values for success in the Army and in life.

Recruits chosen for the APS are select individuals. They have achieved above average scores (in the top 50 percentile) on the military's vocational aptitude test and meet or exceed the physical and character standards for becoming high-performing Soldiers. Recruits who needed a waiver to enlist aren't eligible for the APS.

Why is the Army doing this?

Despite the most challenging recruiting environment since the all-volunteer force was established 35 years ago, the Army is committed to maintaining a quality all-volunteer force and will not lower recruiting standards. But high school graduation rates across the nation aren't optimal; they're below 50 percent in some areas. The Army took an action-oriented and creative approach to the problem by establishing the APS.

How does this benefit the Army?

The APS helps sustain the all-volunteer force by addressing the needs of those who meet all requirements but education and deserve an opportunity to serve their country.

Because the program also immerses recruits in fitness, discipline and life skills, they should do well in basic training. The program also may eventually strengthen re-enlistments of Soldiers completing their first terms of service.

What's the way ahead?

If the pilot program's first year results are favorable, it could expand to the basic training installations at Fort Benning, Ga.; Fort Sill, Okla.; and Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

The Army also is evaluating ways for the APS to become a full-fledged high school diploma program by around mid 2009.


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