Army Gift Program Web site Launch

Friday July 18, 2008

What is it?

The new "Gifts to Army" Web site, launched today, is a new online resource developed to streamline and process gifts to the Army that benefit Soldiers and Families. Contributing to worthy causes is a tradition in the United States. With the on-going conflict, the public wants to know how it can help with money, goods or services to help relieve many of the stresses and strains that Soldiers now deal with on a daily basis. This Web site will provide the public an online resource to answer the question: "How can I help?"

What has the Army done?

The Army's Gift Program is managed by the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the secretary of the Army. The Army Gift Program has existed for many years, however, the law allowing the Army to accept gifts was recently amended allowing the Army to accept gifts to assist Wounded Soldiers, Wounded Civilian Employees and their Families. The launch of the Web site centralizes the many venues and paths for public assistance that are part of the Army's overall Gift Program. Contribution options addressed in the Web site include support for the Army, Soldiers and Families, wounded warriors, Army installations, Soldier employment and more. In addition, information on Army Community Support programs are also provided.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army plans to sustain its commitment to providing the public accessible tools to facilitate general, unsolicited donations in the form of goods, services or money that benefit Soldiers and their Families

Why is this important to the Army?

Informing our Army about this site will help facilitate questions from the public who have expressed a desire to support Soldiers through gifts and donations. This is not a tool intended to be used to solicit gifts--but to provide accessible information to those who ask.


For additional information, please visit the "Gifts to Army" Web site


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