DIMHRS to benefit Soldiers and the Army

Thursday July 17, 2008

What is DIMHRS?

DIMHRS is the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System. The DIMHRS initiative is congressionally mandated for all services - to develop a joint program with cross-service capability for a single human resources system. DIMHRS will merge all Army components, and eventually all services into a single database which will automatically compute pay changes based on entitlements through personnel updates. The Army will be the first service to implement DIMHRS with a scheduled implementation date of March 1, 2009.

Who will be affected by DIMHRS?

When DIMHRS is implemented, all Army components (active, National Guard and Reserve) will use the same human resources system, and every Soldier will have one record in DIMHRS for the duration of his or her service, regardless of component. The intent is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of military personnel and pay services by integrating multiple records per Soldier into a single record.

How will DIMHRS affect military personnel and pay services?

In DIMHRS, every Soldier is a user via web-based self-service available online 24/7. DIMHRS will provide real-time response to military personnel and pay actions, along with the capability to monitor actions within the system. The new system will provide a self-service capability that will allow Soldiers to update their personal data, request personnel and pay actions and review their records, all of which are submitted electronically with digital signature, routed and stored. In addition to having the ability to change residence, direct deposit and enroll in thrift savings plans; Soldiers can also track the status of their action requests. They will know where their evaluation is in their rating chain or who has their request for reassignment.

Why is this important to the Army?

DIMHRS will enhance readiness by virtue of being a single AC/RC database, thereby allowing Army leadership to have better visibility of the multi-component force. DIMHRS will ease the workload by automating certain processes. For example, when mobilizing Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers, human resource operators will use DIMHRS to generate active-duty orders which will automatically compute the appropriate pay entitlements, and eliminate the requirement of entering data into multiple systems. We are an Army at war; the last thing that should be on Soldiers' minds is how they will be getting paid.

Where can I find more information about DIMHRS?

Visit Army DIMHRS Web site

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July 26, 2008: 60th Anniversary of the Integration of the Armed Forces


"That put the lab on the map. That's our index case. It launched us from a fledgling mitochondrial DNA laboratory to one of the premier laboratories."

-Army Lt. Col. Louis N. Finelli, chief deputy medical examiner and director of the Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab, referring to the lab positively identifying the remains of the czar and his family

DOD lab helps to resolve century-old Russian mystery


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