Ground Risk Assessment Tool

Monday July 14, 2008

What is it?

The Ground Risk Assessment Tool (GRAT) is designed to aid in risk mitigation by reinforcing the five-step composite risk management process. GRAT, an interactive Web-based tool, allows users to produce an automated composite risk management worksheet (DA Form 7566). This worksheet pulls statistics and information from units Army-wide and provides users with a selection of potential accident hazards and controls for various ground operations and off-duty activities. Replacing ASMIS-1 Ground Tool, GRAT is composed of five parts:

- Daily accident statistics: Increases safety awareness by breaking out the areas where the Army is experiencing accidental loss. This awareness can strengthen vigilance as Soldiers prepare their missions.

- Accident vignettes: Detailed accident summaries related to similar missions and tasks inputted by users, vignettes provide heightened awareness to actions that can lead to an accident.

- Current accident summaries: Within 48 hours of an accidental loss the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center releases a preliminary loss report, providing a synopsis of the incident designed to help leaders and Soldiers understand the impact of decisions made on and off duty.

- Resources: Army regulations, training circulars and other guidance related to missions or tasks are available. Material written by units returning from Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, provide a heightened understanding of hazards and controls measures.

- Automated interactive CRM worksheet: Worksheets display drop-down menus, listing hazards and controls. Each field enables users to make quick, appropriate selections to facilitate completion of the worksheet.

What has the Army done?

The newest tool in the Army's arsenal of safety products, GRAT, reinforces the Army's commitment to ensuring Soldiers and leaders have the right tools and resources available to mitigate risk and complete missions, safely. These tools increase safety awareness and continue to educate Army team members to make right choices in their actions.

Other tools available include:
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What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Using GRAT in concert with the military decision-making process will help Army leaders achieve success in their missions and make safety an integral part of their planning processes. For more information visit Combat Readiness Center Web site.

Why is this important to the Army?

Integrating safety into mission planning at every echelon empowers leaders and Soldiers to reduce accidental loss and continues to protect and maintain combat power.


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July 26, 2008: 60th Anniversary of the Integration of the Armed Forces


"I have consistently said that we are seeing an increasing level of violence in Afghanistan, especially in the east and the south. I attribute part of that to the fact that there are sanctuary areas to militant groups that are across the Pakistan border in Fata and the North-West Frontier Province and partly to coalition and Afghan troops taking the fight to the insurgency."

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"Leader engagement at every level - especially at the junior leader to Soldier level - can influence safe behavior. To enhance and ensure mission success, leaders and Soldiers are encouraged to take full advantage of resources available, such as the Ground Risk Assessment Tool, which mitigates risk and thereby increases our Army's combat power."

-Gen. George W. Casey Jr., chief of staff of the Army


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