Business Process Redesign

Thursday July 10, 2008

What is it?

Business Process Redesign (BPR) is one of the Army Installation Management Command's (IMCOM's) initiatives to evaluate and redesign the way the Army delivers services on installations. The goal is to enable efficiency, customer satisfaction and consistency by looking at the current processes used to perform services, defining how each is being done, and making recommendations and taking action on new ways of doing things.

Why BPR?

Soldiers, civilians and Family members are experiencing inconsistent services and products because of inefficient business processes. BPR is important because it will allow IMCOM and the Army to transform installation management business processes and ensure delivery of excellent products and services.

BPR complements other transformational initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and Strategic Sourcing by providing a mechanism to continuously evaluate and revise installation management processes to support a transforming Army.

Why is this important to the Army?

- BPR will ensure predictable and consistent services worldwide, while minimizing time and effort as the result of streamlining processes.
- BPR will ensure predictable and consistent levels of service to Soldiers as they are assigned to different installations.
- BPR will help the garrison workforce do their jobs better and will provide greater productivity at less cost.
- Customer satisfaction will increase and allow greater interaction with IMCOM customers as process efficiency improves.
- It will enable IMCOM to demonstrate good stewardship of Army and taxpayer resources.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

BPR pilot projects were awarded to contractors in late 2007. They are evaluating the "Manage Minor Construction" and "Provide Electrical Services" business processes and have each completed five data collection site visits to selected IMCOM garrisons: USAG Fort Gordon, USAG Fort Lewis, USAG Benelux, USAG West Point and USAG Humphreys.


BPR program FAQs and briefings can be found on AKO Web site.


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July 26, 2008: 60th Anniversary of the Integration of the Armed Forces


"Like every Army command, we (IMCOM) measure ourselves by how we provide for Soldiers. A pacing measure for us is the quality of housing we provide and continuous improvements we make ... we can never take our eye off the ball as service providers."

-Maj. Gen. John A. Macdonald, IMCOM deputy commanding general.


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