<h3>35th Anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force</h3>

Tuesday July 1, 2008

What is it?

Today, July 1, the Army celebrates the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the All-Volunteer Force (which included all military branches).

What has the Army done?

Launched by a Pentagon courtyard ceremony, the Army celebrates throughout the month of July one of its greatest successes, where commitment to the country is demonstrated by those who volunteer to serve rather than requiring the government to institute a draft to fill its ranks within the services.

Though not a new idea in the annals of the Army, today's all-volunteer Army was born during the withdrawal of U.S. forces from South Vietnam in the summer of 1969. As U.S. involvement in Vietnam came to an end, the Selective Service Act was allowed to expire. The last induction took place in June 1973 and the All-Volunteer Force began on July 1, 1973.

During the past 35 years, a first-rate force of committed Soldiers has shown in engagement after engagement the success of the all-volunteer Army--America's Army: The strength of the nation.

How does it affect the Army?

The Army can point with justifiable pride to an enlisted force imbued with the following characteristics:

- Better educated
- Higher aptitude
- More mature
- More motivated
- More diverse

The extraordinary success that is the all-volunteer Army rests with the Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Army Families who have stepped forward to protect and defend our nation.

How does this benefit the individual Soldier?

The Army -- active, Guard and Reserve -- are all volunteers in the world's pre-eminent land force. Nearly everyone who wears the uniform today is a product of the all-volunteer Army. Together, they carry on a more than 200-year tradition of the American experience.

Fundamental to the success of the All-Volunteer Force is the Army's commitment and ability to develop Soldiers' potential for success in life, and create for their Families a quality of life matching their committed service.

Those who now serve, are here because they want to be, and are highly qualified to do their job--defending our nation and our constitution.


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July 1, 2008: 35th Anniversary of All- Volunteer Force

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"There were concerns about how today's fight would affect retention, and yet, retention has been as strong as any period in our history. Volunteers want to serve; their performance is strong, their behaviors are strong, and their discipline is high. Their choice to become members of the armed forces speaks volumes for the dedication and loyalty of our nation and its volunteers."

- Bill Carr, deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel and policy

Defense department celebrates 35 years of all-volunteer force


"It is a morale boost for national policemen to see U.S. Soldiers caring enough about them to stop in and talk when it would be easier after a long mission in 130-degree heat to just pass on by and go back to their air-conditioned rooms."

-Capt. Clint Brooks, a 10th Mountain Division company commander in Baghdad

Infantry Soldiers share bond with Iraqi comrades


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