Army Recruiter Assistance Program

Tuesday June 24, 2008

What is it?

The Army Recruiter Assistance Program (A-RAP) launched on June 16, 2008. It enables regular Army enlisted Soldiers in the continental U.S. to refer names of prospective recruits to the Army. Soldiers receive $1,000 for every referral who enlists and another $1,000 when that person reports to basic combat training.

A-RAP is a convenient, voluntary, Web-based system that trains U.S. based regular Army enlisted Soldiers to become "assistant recruiters" in a part-time status providing referrals. Also eligible as A-RAP participants are future Soldiers in the Delayed Entry Program.

What is the Army doing?

The Army is tapping into the potential that every enlisted Soldier can be an Army spokesperson. That's because every Soldier likely has a compelling story to tell about how the Army has developed and maximized his/her potential and provided skills and values for success throughout life. Prospective recruits listen closely to Soldiers, especially enlisted Soldiers. So do parents, school counselors, coaches, clergy, and other influencers of young men and women.

Why is this important to the Army?

Today's all-volunteer Army demands lots of high quality recruits because its missions are broader in scope and more complex and its technology is more advanced. Also, the nation and the Army need to grow the force to have the resources to better protect America in an era of persistent conflict.

A-RAP reflects the Army's ongoing creativity and flexibility in competing successfully with the private sector and other military branches for personnel. The new program will help the Army address the nation's toughest recruiting environment since the all-volunteer force stood up nearly 35 years ago.

Why is this important to Soldiers?

When enlisted Soldiers help recruit by telling their Army stories they help sustain a high-quality, all-volunteer force. It also helps grow the Army, which eventually will help cut deployments, increase dwell times and bring the Army back into balance.

A commander can prohibit a Soldier's participation in A-RAP if he/she believes it will detract from readiness or pose a security risk. Soldiers who file confidential financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 450) must get written approval from supervisors to participate. All Soldiers participating in A-RAP must follow local command policies and procedures concerning outside employment.

Not eligible to participate in A-RAP: Officers, warrant officers, and Soldiers in a recruiting or retention assignment.

For more information on A-RAP, go to Support Army Recruiting Web site


Army launches Recruiter Assistance Program


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"One of the most significant pieces for the future of our military medical research that we are focused on is computational biology, which contributes to predictive modeling and tools for decision support systems. It involves everything from how we would interpret the sensors that we might put on casualties from the evacuation all the way through to their rehabilitation in some remote area, where we would need to monitor how they are doing."

- Col. (Dr.) Karl Friedl, director of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center on Fort Detrick, Md., referring to the importance of computational biology, defined as the application of computer science, applied mathematics and statistics to addressing biological challenges.

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