Army Civilian Talent Management

Monday June 16, 2008

What is it?

Army Civilian Talent Management is a collaborative approach to create interchangeable, diverse senior leaders by providing opportunities for development and reassignment. The program applies to National Security Personnel System ( NSPS) upper band 3/GS-15 equivalent civilians. Army Enterprise Leadership will collaborate with commands regarding reassignments based on command requirements and maximum benefit to the Army and the civilian.

What has the Army done?

Centralized talent management of these Army Enterprise Positions critical positions and employees will launch in September 2008. Commands, functional chiefs, direct reporting units and HQDA leadership are beginning to identify the enterprise positions to be included in the talent pool - as well as to define the program processes and business practices.

The new talent management process is designed to be collaborative - incorporating an employee's desires with the requirements of the Army. It employs an annual assessment and a board process to ensure that reassignments are responsive to critical Army needs and support broadening and professional development of the senior leader. While all processes are not yet defined, the Army is working aggressively to develop the tools and methodology needed to implement this enhanced enterprise-wide management program.

The end result to the centrally managed talent pool will be senior civilian leaders who are experts within their core competencies and with skills broad enough to operate interchangeably with their military counterparts in complex environments.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue?

The Civilian Talent Management Office is in the process of meeting with senior leaders, commands, functional chiefs, direct reporting units and employees to conduct orientation sessions on the new process and gain their recommendations.

Why is this important to the Army?

Stakeholders can expect specific outcomes:

For the Army:
- Promotes and optimizes talent exchange and diversification
- Provides greater visibility of vacancies and talent pool
- Creates interchangeable, multi-faceted senior leaders who are competitive for senior executive service positions

For commanders:
- Improves vacancy forecasting and knowledge transfer
- Reduces time to fill vacancies
- Minimizes the loss of productivity associated with vacancies
- Improves succession planning

For employees:
- Provides greater and more visible opportunities for civilians to develop
- Facilitates support of the civilian's desire and potential
- Improves knowledge transfer

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