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Friday May 23, 2008

"On May 5th, 1866, veterans and residents of Waterloo, New York, placed flowers on the graves at each of the town's cemeteries to honor the local Soldiers and Sailors who had fallen during the Civil War. Proposed by a local pharmacist, Henry c. Welles', the act of remembrance centered on his belief that while praising the living veterans of the Civil War, it was equally important to remember the patriotic dead. This tradition has grown for a century and a half- it is Memorial Day."
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  • Second OIF Soldier to receive posthumous Medal of Honor (USA)
  • Friends, comrades live on in hearts of Iraq veterans (USA)
  • Picatinny dedicates memorial to fallen New Jersey service members (ARNews)
  • Army leadership makes time to address concerns (ARNews)
  • Care, go teams train to help grieving families (ARNews)
  • Army looking to improve leadership capabilities (ARNews)
  • Army enterprise developing through process improvement (ARNews)
  • Video: A Soldier remembers (NYT)
  • Soldiers helping researchers study PTSD (ARNews)
  • Delegates gather in Europe for Army Family Action Plan Conference (ARNews)


  • Iraq spending ignored rules, Pentagon says (NYT)
  • Gates says lack of patience could cost victory (AFIS)
  • U.S. boosts its use of airstrikes in Iraq (WP)
  • U.S.: Insurgents knew of Kunar operation (S&S)
  • Special Ops key to war on terror, defense chief says (TBO)


  • Generals tell senate they hope for modest cut in U.S. troops in Iraq this fall (NYT)
  • Troop cuts possible in fall, Petraeus says (AT)
  • Senate passes $165 billion measure to pay for wars (WP)
  • Normandy vet receives diploma 64 years later (AT)
  • Yongsan's DODDS school expansion plan takes shape (ARNews)
  • Deployed parents to watch DODDS graduations live (ARNews)
  • Opinion: India's missile power lifts off (WT)


  • U.S. commander hints at Iraq rollback next year (Guard | Story)
  • New U.S. commanders for Mideast, Iraq (KT | Story)
  • EU defense spending may clash with military goals (IHT | Story)
  • Czechs to host U.S. missile shield amid public opposition (FT | Story)
  • Knock on the door that Army families dread (Gazette | Story)
  • Hicks offered $1m for terror memoirs (AU | Story)
  • Book review - Muqtada - Patrick Cockburn (AB | Story)


  • Memorial Day 2008 (SP)
  • Al-Queda in Iraq admitting defeat? (BW)
  • Military explores alternative fuels (SM)
  • Turkey and the Iraqi kurds (WPR)
  • Say what? (Rofasix)
  • Sons of Iraq (HJ)
  • What to say? (TQFT)

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"Let no ravages of time testify to the present or the coming generations that we, as a people, have forgotten the cost of a free and undivided republic. Upon the graves of our war dead rests not only the memories and the pride of valor past, but the hope and the vision of a better, more peaceful future."

- Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, cited the importance of remembering the cost of freedom in a Memorial Day message to the armed forces.

Mullen cites importance of remembrance in Memorial Day message


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