Field Manual 1-01 (FM1- 01) : Generating Force Support for Operations

Friday May 16, 2008

What is it?

The Generating Force consists of those Army organizations whose primary mission is to generate and sustain the operational Army's capabilities for employment by Joint force commanders. As a consequence of its performance of functions specified and implied by law, the Generating Force also possesses operationally useful capabilities for employment by or in direct support of joint force commanders. The Generating Force provides these capabilities either remotely through reach back or directly within the area of operations. These contributions include functions such as training, equipping, construction and maintenance, and are embodied in activities such as communications, engineering and installations support. The generating force brings with it three broad areas of capabilities:

1. Enabling adaptation to the operational environment to better adapt U.S. capabilities, or generate new ones, to meet the requirements of a rapidly and constantly evolving operational environment.

2. Enabling strategic reach to increase the distance and duration over which the nation can project power.

3. Developing multinational partner capability and capacity to support stability operations by providing capabilities to develop partner security forces and conduct reconstruction.

These broad capabilities and the generating force organizations that contribute to each are detailed in the just published FM1-01.

What has the Army done?

The manual provides leaders with fundamental definitions, and identifies Generating Force operational capabilities and principles, thus making it the keystone manual for the employment of Generating Force capabilities in support of operations.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The next steps include developing a Generating Force concept for the future force and codifying doctrine as appropriate in standards of procedures and manuals. The concept will serve to better prepare, support and sustain the future operational Army in full-spectrum operations and the doctrine will support seamless and timely transition of generating force capabilities from routine, peacetime functions to direct support of operating forces, as well as support of domestic security engagements.

Why is this important to the Army?

This manual and future concept will provide a body of knowledge for the Army, the Joint Force, and the defense community at large to consider regarding implementing improvements to better integrate and utilize Generating Force capabilities to meet combatant commanders' needs today and into the future.


- POC(s):
- John Langhauser, ARCIC (Forward), (703) 602-4831
- Scott McMichael, (757) 788-5433, Joint and Army Concepts Division, ARCIC.

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