Stryker Brigade Stationing in Hawaii

Friday April 18, 2008

What is it?

The Army announced on April 16, 2008, its decision to permanently station the 2/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) at Schofield Barracks Military Reservation, upon completion of its current deployment to Iraq.

What has the Army done?

This decision was based on a detailed analysis contained in the final Environmental Impact Statement, public comments and the ability of each alternative installation to meet the Army's requirements. Hawaii was selected after careful consideration of numerous factors, primarily because it is best able to meet the Army's strategic defense and national security needs in the Pacific theater. This decision considered the limitations in Hawaii in terms of training ranges, maneuver land and impacts to sensitive environmental resources, as well as the other considered locations.

The Army will continue to protect and manage its training activities and ranges to avoid or minimize any environmental harm. Historically, the Army's activities are less destructive than other common land uses.

How does this help the Army?

Stationing the 2/25th in Hawaii enables strategic flexibility and enables the nation to deploy two SBCTs simultaneously, if necessary. The Army now has a second forward-positioned SBCT in the Pacific Theater from which it can deploy Stryker units to respond to any threat. This ensures strategic redundancy, even during Alaska's harsh winter season when weather and other factors could make deployment difficult. In addition, the Army could respond more rapidly to countries in the Pacific than forces stationed at bases in the continental U.S.

The Stryker vehicle is the most advanced weapon system used by any country in the southeastern Pacific Rim. It can provide a dominant force for contingency deployments, such as our commitment to the defense of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and deterring sanctuary for terrorist organizations in areas of growing unrest in Southeast Asia.

The Department of the Army record of decision


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"Stationing the 2/25th SBCT in Hawaii sends a powerful signal to our friends and our enemies that we are committed to U.S. interests in this vital region. The Stryker brigade's capabilities significantly increase our ability to win any conflict in the Pacific. We know that Hawaii has limited space and has beautiful natural resources. We will continue to protect them."

-Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, commander, U.S. Army, Pacific.

"In part, my decision was based on the fact that the U.S. is a nation with vital interests in the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia. Both the National Military Strategy and the Quadrennial Defense Review provide decisions and directives to reorient and focus additional combat power in the Pacific Region."

-Lt. Gen. James D. Thurman, deputy chief of staff, U.S. Army, G-3/5/7.


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