Army Reserve Employer Relations: "Optimizing A Shared Workforce"

Wednesday April 9, 2008

What is it?

The Army Reserve shares the workforce with the civilian business community. Forging partnerships with civilian employers is fundamentally important to the success of the AR's mission of training Soldiers and growing leaders. Employers are inextricable linked to the readiness of the Army Reserve.

What has the Army Reserve done?

The Army Reserve established the Employer Relations Program in command policy in August 2005 and embedded it in the Strategic Communication Division of the Army Reserve G-1 (Personnel). Specific Army Reserve Employer Relations vision and mission statements were developed in concert with the Department of Defense and Department of the Army's mission objectives and posture statement.

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  • Paralyzed Iraq veteran transforms pain into protest music (USA )
  • Former Letterkenny Army Depot land gets a new redevelopment plan (POP)
  • Iomai to get $0.94 mln U.S. Army grant for work on patch-based anthrax vaccine [IOMI] (RTT)
  • General Dynamics awarded $109 million Army contract for WIN-T satellite communications terminals (Fox Bus)
  • Soldier and wife accused of killing toddler (AT)


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