Army National Guard Active First Program

Thursday March 27, 2008

What is it?

Active First is a pilot program designed to synchronize a Soldier's first enlistment between service in the active component and service in the Army National Guard (ARNG). The program applies to recruits with no prior military service who are placed in select military occupational specialties. The Active First Program has three phases:

* Phase One: ARNG Enlistment and Participation. A recruit enlists in the ARNG, drills with his/her unit until leaving for initial entry training (IET).

* Phase Two: Regular Army Enlistment and Participation. A Soldier completes IET, transitions to the active component and receives orders for a regular Army unit.

* Phase Three: Regular Army Reenlistment or Transition to the ARNG. A Soldier completes active duty and either reenlists in the active component or transitions back to a drilling unit in the ARNG for the remainder of his/her eight-year enlistment. Through the Active First Program, the ARNG will receive a stream of highly-skilled and experienced Soldiers after they complete their active-duty requirement.

Active First features enlistment bonuses of up to $60,000 depending on the participant's period of active duty. Recruits who enlist for 48 months of active duty receive $40,000; those who sign up for 36 months, $30,000; and those who sign up for 30 months, $20,000. After their active-duty enlistment ends, Soldiers who transition from active duty to standard part-time ARNG service receive $20,000.

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