This is the seventh of an eight-part series highlighting critical elements of the 2008 Army Posture Statement. While the Army remains the best-led, best-trained, and best-equipped Army in the world, it is out of balance. The combined effects of an exceptionally high- and sustained-operational tempo have resulted in our readiness being consumed as fast as we can build it. Therefore, our top priority over the next several years is to restore balance through four imperatives: Sustain, Prepare, Reset and Transform. <br><br> Transform

Thursday March 6, 2008

To transform our force, we must continuously improve our ability to meet the needs of the combatant commanders in a changing security environment.

Goals for Transform:

- Help balance our force and increase capacity to provide sufficient forces for the full range and duration of current operations and future contingencies
- Upgrade and modernize with Future Combat Systems (FCS) as the core of our modernization effort
- Continue organizational change through modularity and rebalancing
- Improve expeditionary contracting and financial and management controls
- Continue to adapt institutions and our processes, policies and procedures, including business practices
- Complete the transition of the reserve component (RC) to an operational reserve and change the way we train, equip, resource and mobilize RC units
- Integrate grow the Army initiative, base realignment and closure (BRAC), global defense posture realignment, and the operation of installations and facilities to increase readiness, improve efficiency, and improve the quality of life for our Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians
- Develop agile and adaptive leaders who can operate effectively in Joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multi-national environments

Transformation is defined as the continuous and holistic evolution of Army capabilities over time from the current to the future force. Transformation supports our ability to provide and sustain dominant, full-spectrum land power for combatant commanders. Transformation also improves our ability to support Soldiers, Families and Civilians. The goal of transformation is to provide strategically responsive land power that can achieve decisive outcomes across the spectrum of conflict, with an inherent ability to adapt to unpredictable changes in the context and character of the conflict and the ability to sustain operations for as long as necessary to achieve our nation's strategic objectives.

The six dimensions to Army transformation include:

- Grow the Army
- Modernize the Army
- Change the organization
- Change the institution
- Transform the reserve components
- Develop agile and adaptive leaders

The evolving international security environment since Sept. 11, 2001, and the corresponding changes to the national security and defense strategies make it imperative we accelerate Army transformation in order to improve the capabilities of Soldiers across the spectrum of conflict. This transformation is essential to the Army's ability to regain balance.

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"Over 300 million Americans are free today because Master Sgt. Keeble fought bravely with honor and humility to defend this country and his fellow citizens. His personal courage and selfless service lives on in the Soldiers who have succeeded him."

- Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard A. Cody, during Master Sgt. Woodrow Keeble's posthumous induction into the Hall of Heroes a day after President Bush bestowed the Medal of Honor on the Korean War hero.

Medal of Honor Recipient Inducted Into Pentagon's Hall of Heroes


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