This is the fifth of an eight-part series highlighting critical elements of the 2008 Army Posture Statement. While the Army remains the best-led, best-trained, and best-equipped Army in the world, it is out of balance. The combined effects of an exceptionally high- and sustained-operational tempo have resulted in our readiness being consumed as fast as we can build it. Therefore, our top priority over the next several years is to restore balance through four imperatives: Sustain, Prepare, Reset, and Transform. <br><br> Prepare

Tuesday March 4, 2008

To prepare our Solders, units and equipment, we must maintain a high level of readiness for the current operational environments, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Goals for Prepare:

- Continue to enhance the rigor of institutional, individual and operational training
- Continue to improve the Army force generation (ARFORGEN) process
- Train Soldiers and units to conduct full-spectrum operations to operate as part of a Joint, interagency or multi-national force
- Provide Soldiers the best equipment available
- Partner with private industry to rapidly develop and field equipment

We continue to adapt institutional, individual and collective training. To ready Soldiers, leaders and units for current operations, we have adapted our training for counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, our Combat Training Center (CTC) Program incorporates lessons learned from our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan into training scenarios.

We are equally committed to ensuring Soldiers have the best available equipment to both protect them and maintain a technological advantage over their adversaries. Over the past six years the needs of our Soldiers in combat have energized private industry and led to the development and fielding of equipment much more rapidly than in the past.

The Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process manages and prepares a campaign-quality and expeditionary Army for worldwide deployment. It is continuously modified to improve its efficiency, effectiveness and predictability for Soldiers and their Families. In our effort to improve the ARFORGEN process, we will conduct a Reset pilot in fiscal year 2008, involving units from both the active and reserve components. The Reset model will identify and apply institutional adjustments that are necessary in the Army's generating force to rebuild unit readiness for future deployments within the timelines established by the ARFORGEN model.

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"We will maintain a sufficient footprint with an adequate, generally substantial, Iraqi force of police and soldiers. It provides situational awareness and a link to the enablers that we can provide - indirect fire, close-air support, medevac, quick-reaction forces and so on. Obviously as we draw down, the Iraqis have to pick up more of the responsibility, and that is the case."

-Gen. David H. Petraeus, describing the way ahead in Iraq

Gen. Petraeus Describes Factors Affecting Iraq Assessment


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