FM 3-0

Friday February 22, 2008

What is it?

Field Manual 3-0, Operations, is one of two Army capstone manuals and is the first significant revision in operational doctrine since 9/11. Reflecting more than six years of wartime experience, this manual is the blueprint for operating in an uncertain future.

What has the Army done?

The Army recognized that the next several decades will be an era of persistent conflict that will generate continuing requirements for military forces. FM 3-0 discusses changes in the complex and volatile operational environment, and how we need to prepare Soldiers and leaders to operate in that environment. The FM provides the overarching doctrine of how the Army will conduct operations to defend the nation, protect vital interests and fulfill national military responsibilities.

FM 3-0 does not focus exclusively on current operations, but also addresses the needs of an Army responsible for deploying forces promptly anywhere in the world (its expeditionary capability) and operating for extended periods in any environment at any point across the spectrum of conflict, from stable peace through general war (its campaign capability). FM 3-0 institutionalizes simultaneous offensive, defensive and stability or civil-support operations as the core of the Army's doctrine.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

For the immediate future, a mobile training team will visit each division, corps, schoolhouses, and other locations if requested, to help Soldiers and leaders "internalize" FM 3-0. A dedicated education program will help propagate the field manual's ideas throughout the force. The Combined Arms Center (CAC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., has designed a multifaceted approach to educating Soldiers on the new field manual, including a study guide on CD-ROM, a Web site and a chain-teaching program. FM 3-0 will be included in almost all officer professional military education, including the Intermediate Level Education (ILE) curriculum.

Why is this important to the Army?

FM 3-0's impact on the force and the application of the doctrine will be revolutionary. Four specific points in the doctrine to note:

- The importance of stability operations is elevated to co-equal with combat (offensive and defensive operations).

- The field manual acknowledges and accounts for the critical nature and influence of information in operations.

- The field manual forges an operational concept that drives initiative, embraces risk and focuses on creating opportunities to achieve decisive results.

- The field manual emphasizes the central role of the commander in full-spectrum operations, bridging battle command and operational art in leveraging the experience, knowledge and intuition of the commander.

Soldiers are the centerpiece of our formations and the Strength of this Nation. To ensure continued success of our Soldiers, we must all review, understand, internalize and continue to improve this doctrine.

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Though there are many forms, there is only one spirit of operations: The offense. FM 3-0. Coming Feb. 28.

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