Soldier Family Management Specialists Help Wounded Warriors

Wednesday February 20, 2008

What is it?

The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) assists and advocates for severely wounded, injured and ill Soldiers and their Families. AW2 representatives, called Soldier Family Management Specialists (SFMSs), located across the nation at military installations and VA Medical Centers, make sure severely wounded Soldiers and Families get their non-clinical needs met.

- AW2 serves Soldiers rated, or expected to be rated, 30 percent or more disabled.

- AW2 provides holistic life skills to every severely wounded Soldier and Family.

- SFMSs first contact Soldiers, as soon as can be, after they are wounded.

- AW2 is there for these Soldiers and Families as long as they need.

What has the Army done?

AW2 gives these 30 percent or more disabled Warriors nationwide access to support and services, by phone, email and in individual counseling. The program assures severely wounded Soldiers' and Families access to, and understanding of, all available resources and benefits. Through SFMS, and the rest of the AW2 Team, Soldiers and Families get help to make informed decisions on their future:

- Career, education and benefits advice

- Military transition assistance

- Family assistance and life coaching

- Connections to local resources

What's planned for the future?

AW2 stays with wounded Soldiers during treatment, rehabilitation, and their transition back to duty, or to civilian life. When needs arise, the AW2 is there to assist (1-800-237-1336). AW2 will continue to take an active role in changing policy, advocating for severely wounded Soldiers and their Families.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Army lives by the Warrior Ethos: "Never Leave a Fallen Comrade." As part of this foundation, AW2 takes care of the most severely wounded Soldiers and their Families, no matter the need, no matter how long. Every leader knows support on the battlefield is their key to success. Leaders now know their wounded Warriors will have just as much support if they have to come off the battlefield.

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