Tuesday February 19, 2008

What is it?

The RESET Pilot is a test program to validate the process a unit will follow after deployment that will systematically restore the unit to an appropriate level of equipment, Soldier and Family readiness in preparation for future deployments and contingencies.

What has the Army done?

The Army has identified eight active-component and five reserve-component units to participate in the RESET Pilot test. The RESET Pilot will confirm the schedule and resources required to sustain this process for all units returning from deployments, and to support implementation of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model. These units are: 82 DIV HQ, 1/3 ID, 4/25 IBCT (Abn), 2/82 IBCT (Abn), 173 IBCT (Abn), 82 CAB, 43 ASG, 864 EN HVY BN, 116 IBCT (ARNG), 111 EN BDE (ARNG), 478 EN BN (USAR), 325 MD (CSH) (USAR) and 396 EN Co (USAR).

What continuing efforts does the Army have planned?

The Army will assess its ability to standardize an Army-wide RESET program in FY 09 based on the results of the RESET Pilot.

- RESET encompasses those tasks required to reintegrate Soldiers and Families, then organize, man, equip, and train a unit.

- RESET is predicated on the concept of allowing Soldiers and Families the opportunity to recover in order to reverse the cumulative effects of sustained operational tempo. (The first six months after return - referred to as "reconstitution" - maximizes Soldier and Family reintegration.)

- RESET restores readiness to the Army by reversing the effects of combat operations - restores equipment readiness by bringing equipment to a desired maintenance and operational standard; provides time for leaders, Soldiers and Families to recover and train for the next contingency; and, where possible, improves unit capabilities through equipment upgrades and improved training.

- RESET is a pillar of our strategy - it restores readiness, restores necessary depth and breadth to Army capabilities, rebuilds essential capacity by focusing on unit readiness and cohesion, and builds on combat experiences to build strategic depth for future challenges.

Army Commands, in conjunction with HQDA, TRADOC, AMC, USAR, and ARNG will monitor the RESET Pilot to ensure required tasks are implemented to standard to enhance equipment, and Soldier and Family readiness, and to allow the Army to generate combat ready units and build strategic depth.

Why is this important to the Army?

Persistent conflict and change characterize the strategic environment and will result in a continued high demand for Army forces and capabilities. We are committed to restoring balance to preserve our all-volunteer force, restore necessary depth and breadth to Army capabilities, and build essential capacity for the future. Standardizing our RESET processes for units, Soldiers and Families is essential for sustaining the expected high tempo of deployments and is key to restoring balance in the Army and maintaining the quality and viability of the many capabilities we provide the nation.


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