Soldier and Family Assistance Centers on Track

Wednesday January 2, 2008

What is it? Soldier and Family Assistance Centers (SFACs) are user-friendly centers offering critical support services to Warriors in Transition (WTs), following injuries or combat wounds, while defending our nation. This holistic approach to attending to the needs of Warriors in Transition (WTs) and their Families brings their most frequently needed services, to one location, near their medical treatment facility.

Why should the Army have SFACs?
- Cut time--give soldiers quicker access to help
- One-Stop: employment assistance, social services, legal assistance, military personnel, finance, and education services
- More Than One-Stop--the SFAC also gives WTs and Family members access to travel claims processing, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) resources, and a friendly, helping hand
- Nurturing, morale-building, and convenient place to help WTs heal.

What has the Army done? Army Leadership mandated improvement in services for WTs and Families; SFACs are one of many essential responses to that mandate. Many facilities have been set up and new directors have been assigned, throughout the United States and in Europe. Those directors and their Army Community Services (ACS) Directors met early in December to map their plans for the future.

What's planned for the future? Installations are currently building or renovating structures that will become the SFAC hubs, and most report being on track to operate fully by the end of January 2008. Europe will also serve a widely-dispersed population of warriors in transition through garrison assets.

Coming to an SFAC near you:
- Extensive training for all SFAC staff on care, support, and services
- Additional services as the SFAC mission grows to meet greater demand

What is this important to the Army? SFAC facilities, often referred to as campuses, are a user-friendly environment where WTs and their Families can devote all their energies to the mission of healing and transitioning -- either back to their units or to new lives as productive citizens. This helps the Army by taking care of Soldiers and Families, as well as by showing the Army's commitment to those whose sacrifices make the Army Strong.

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