Logistics (LG) Branch

Friday December 14, 2007

What is it? The "Logistics" branch will be the newest branch of the Army for commissioned officers, officially established on 1 January 2008 by General Order of the Secretary of the Army. This branch will be comprised of logistics officers in the rank of CPT-COL and replaces the Functional Area 90 (Multifunctional Logistician) program. Establishment of the Logistics branch fully supports the modular Army and further emphasizes the need for multifunctional Army logistics officers. A MILPER message will be released in December, further explaining implementation guidance.

What is happening? Effective January 2008, all officers in the rank of CPT-COL of the Ordnance, Quartermaster, or Transportation branches who have completed the Captains Career Course will become Logistics branch officers. This change will occur across all components of the Army.

What does this mean for officers? For lieutenants entering the Army in FY 08 and beyond, they will begin their careers as Ordnance, Quartermaster, or Transportation officers. Their focus is to become technically and tactically proficient in these basic branch specialties. Upon promotion to captain and completion of either the Combined Logistics Captains Career Course (CLC3) or the Reserve Component-Captains Career Course, they will automatically convert to the Logistics branch.

Logistics branch officers will transition from a functional branch focus, to a broader focus on logistics as a whole. Between their 4th-9th years of service, they will gain experiences and develop themselves as logisticians, as well as providing specific functional expertise (secondary AOC) to their units when required. As officers move from the company-grade to field-grade level, they will continue to broaden their experiences not only as logisticians at the tactical level, but also as supply chain, maintenance, and distribution enterprise managers of organizations with global impact, such as the Army Materiel Command and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Officer personnel managers will be focused on getting officers experienced in multifunctional logistics, while at the same time alternating them into assignments where they will work and keep up their skills in their secondary AOC. Although officers will hold both multifunctional and functional positions throughout their career, officers should expect to have more Logistics branch assignments and fewer assignments in their secondary specialty. This becomes more pronounced as the officer rises in rank.

Officers will wear the Logistics branch insignia (available now in Military Clothing Sales stores) along with the regimental crest associated with their secondary specialty AOC.

For more information, go to the Logistics branch website.



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