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Wednesday December 12, 2007

What is it? Gen. Wallace, CG, TRADOC, established a TRADOC Project Office (TPO) for gaming in June. TPO Gaming, as the user representative for gaming, will employ games in order to rapidly deliver relevant training capabilities to Soldiers, and leaders, in support of individual and collective training, and mission planning and rehearsals.

TPO Gaming will leverage the use of gaming to improve the realism of the training environment. Gaming will provide Army units the capability to rapidly introduce lessons learned from combat into a realistic environment to develop TTPs, and to help improve leader decision making.

What has the Army done? TPO Gaming's focus is on ensuring the gamines used by Soldiers and leaders adhere to Army training standards, and elimination of duplication of effort for Army Gaming initiatives.

Recently, TPO Gaming used commercial game to create an animated Snap Traffic Control Point (TCP) scenario. The scenario demonstrated the correct employment of a Snap TCP in an urban environment. This scenario which was embedded into the Center for Army Lesson's Learned (CALL) publication, Escalation of Force Handbook, 07-21 Jul 07, is available to Army forces worldwide. Additionally, TPO gaming has developed a prototype Commander's Immersive Training Environment (CITE). CITE integrates a constructive simulation with a commercial game and Army Battle Command Systems to produce a capability for enhancing leader decision making in the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE). TPO Gaming distributed CITE to the three Battle Command Training Center in order to obtain user feedback to determine gaming requirements for Army programs.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? TPO Gaming is developing gaming into a formal acquisition program. This initiative provides the Army with the ability to purchase gaming technologies that address training capability gaps, with the goal of rapidly procuring gaming solutions that provide Go-To-War training value.

Additionally, TPO Gaming will continue to explore gaming technology's potential to train operational tasks. The intent is to continue leveraging the gaming industry, and use the best gaming technology to train our Soldiers and Leaders.

Why is this important to the Army? Gaming technology is readily available and facilitates our ability to fill capability gaps required to train Army forces. Games provides units with the capability to rapidly introduce lessons learned from combat into a realistic environment, allowing Soldiers and Leaders to conduct repetitive training on TTPS for training and mission rehearsal.



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