Warrior in Transition

Tuesday December 11, 2007

What is it? A Warrior in Transition (WT) is a Medical Hold-over, Active Duty Medical Extension, Medical Hold, and any other active-duty Soldier who requires a Medical Evaluation Board, or has complex medical needs requiring six months, or more, of treatment or rehabilitation. Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers are eligible only if they require a Medical Evaluation Board or when deemed appropriate, by the local MEDCOM Commander and the IET Soldier's Commander. A Soldier's mission, while assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU), is to heal. Soldiers assigned to a WTU may have work assignments in the unit; such work may not take precedent over the Soldier's therapy and treatment. Unit commanders must clear UCMJ actions, other legal actions, investigations, property/hand receipt issues, and Line of Duty determinations, prior to the transfer to the WTUs. (FRAGO 1 Annex S to EXORD 118-07)

Warriors in Transition duties:
-Work as hard to heal as they work on defending freedom.
-Follow instructions of their "Triad of Care:" physician, nurse case manager, and squad leader of the Warrior Transition Unit.

What has the Army done?
-WTs get priority at installations.
-WTs top lists for quarters, to ensure they get high-quality housing, close to services they need, with minimal delay.
-WTUs provide centralized support and rehabilitation; Soldier and Family Assistance Centers (SFACs) perform most other services to meet WTs' and their Families' needs.
-Finance and other issues get resolved without delay; WTs or their advocates need only ask.

What plans has the Army for the future? The Army continues to open assistance centers to centralize services. We continue to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to streamline procedures, eliminate duplication, and provide maximum benefits allowed to WTs.

Why is this important? Our Soldiers and their Families depend on the Army for care, support and services equal to the sacrifices they make, in this era of persistent conflict. Our nation depends on the best quality Soldiers and Families defending freedom. Their best quality of life will ensure our success now and in the future. "Army Strong"

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