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Friday December 7, 2007

What is it? Soldiers Magazine provides timely and factual information on topics of interest to the Army and other governmental organizations. It focuses on what the Army is doing around the world, new equipment, new policies, trends and ideas. Its staff produces 11 monthly issues plus the January Almanac and frequent inserts, which include posters and multi-page brochures. The magazine reaches an internal audience of 800,000 readers, plus subscribers from government, academia and business, and visitors to Soldiers Online through Army.Mil.

What has the Army done? The magazine's content and appearance appeal to young Soldiers and officers, and its messages support the Army Imperatives, enhance Soldiers' and Family members' quality of life, and promote the Army Values. Recent enhancements include:

- In November the magazine was redesigned to attract younger readers through dynamic photography and greater use of visual elements.
- The January 2008 Almanac, which is now being printed, was renamed "This Is Our Army," and the content was changed from a facts-on-file approach to simple narratives and photographs to highlight events in a manner that has greater focus on a general audience and better supports Army Accession Command's recruiting mission.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? The magazine's redesign and focus on content is a continuing process. Changes coming in early 2008 include:
- Introducing, in February, new departments directly focused on personal development, including a financial-advice column and sections focused specifically on careers and professional development.
- Increasing the use of single-page, graphics-driven "advertisements" to promote Army themes and initiatives.

Why is this important to the Army? Soldiers Magazine reinforces messages delivered through Army News Service, Army Radio and Television, and the Army's online presence, Army.Mil. When a command or Army staff uses Soldiers Magazine to improve and sustain communications, enhance family readiness or keep critical issues in focus, it will be most effective by planning at least 6 months in advance of publication. By doing so, this increases the opportunity for Soldiers Media Center to develop a unified communication effort and increase the intended audience to reach more than 250 newspapers through Army News Service, overseas viewers and listeners who depend on Army broadcast services, and 6 million potential civilian and military visitors to Army.Mil. For more information contact



  • The Army's $200 billion makeover (EB | WP)
  • Nominations open for Employer Support Freedom Award (ARNews)
  • Army to hire more contracting staff (AP)
  • U.S. Army tests wireless sensors for FCS (DN)


  • Female suicide bomber kills 16 in Iraq (WP)
  • Murders drop to 2-year low in Baghdad boundary region (AFIS)
  • Sadr militia moves to clean house (EB | LAT)
  • U.S. forces recall fight to expel al-Qaida from southern Baghdad neighborhood (SAS)


  • Ten Hut! (NW | GI Jill)
  • Soldier learns Arabic to help platoon, gain trust of Iraqis (MNF)
  • Former Bragg general on track for VA post (FO)
  • Presidential pardon: Workers get Christmas Eve off (WP)


  • Iraq as a Pentagon construction site (ALJ | Story)
  • U.S. commander says al Qaeda still dangerous foe (RT | Story)
  • Military families question Iraq war (PTV | Story)
  • U.S. troops kill three suspected insurgents in Iraq (XIN | Story)


  • Separation, reunion, revolution (BBA)
  • A date which will live in infamy (AR)
  • Fallen Soldier honored during dedication ceremony (SM)
  • Irregular warfare in a nutshell (BF)

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