Assistant Surgeon General for Warrior Care and Transition (ASG-WCAT)

Wednesday December 5, 2007

What is it? The Army established the position Assistant Surgeon General for Warrior Care and Transition (ASG-WCAT) Nov. 19, 2007.

Warrior Care and Transition lets Soldiers and Families heal:
- Warriors in Transition focus solely on healing.
- Leaders prioritize "what will best heal the Soldier."
- The Surgeon General owns the "Warrior Transition Unit (WTU)" and "Triad of Care."
- Army Installation Management Command provides Soldier and Family Assistance Centers to centralize Warrior access to essential services.
- The ASG-WCAT, BG Michael S. Tucker, ensures Warriors in Transition receive the care, support and services they deserve.

What has the Army done? The Army Medical Action Plan (AMAP), which falls under the ASG-WCAT, changed the way the Army cares for Warriors in Transition.
- Warriors can request a location for their Transition.
- Pay, allowances and other compensation calculations focus on the Warrior's paycheck staying as close as possible to what it was before illness or injury.
- Transitioning Warriors' family members, as non-medical attendants for the Transition, can receive travel payments and housing.
- The Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) lets Soldiers wear their home unit's insignia and headgear.
- At the WTU, a "Triad of Care:" a physician, a nurse case manager, and a squad leader, for each transitioning Warrior, facilitates all care, support and services the Warrior needs for Transition.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? Army Medical and Human Resources Commands are identifying more professionals to assign to WTUs by the end of January 2008. Soldier and Family Assistance Centers are planned or under construction to be opened in the next two years; many already are open. Centralized resources are available, or will become available, to Warriors, right where they live, with living spaces being upgraded as you read this.

Why is this important to the Army? In this era of persistent conflict, the Army must show its care and support to Soldiers and Families. Our ability to recruit and sustain a high-quality All Volunteer Force depends on our Soldiers, Families, and the public knowing we provide Quality of Life equal to the quality of their sacrifices.



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