"Active First" Recruiting Program Gaining Momentum to Aid Active Army and Army National Guard

Monday November 26, 2007

What is it? The Active First Program is helping recruit people for the active Army via the Army National Guard (ARNG). Under the program, the Guard recruits Soldiers who commit to 30, 36 or 48 months' active duty in certain military occupational specialties (MOS), followed by service in the ARNG.

Active First features enlistment bonuses of up to $60,000; the amount depends on the participant's active duty time:
- 48 months active duty - $40,000
- 36 months active duty - $30,000
- 30 months active duty - $20,000
- Transition from active duty to standard part-time Guard service - $20,000

The program applies to people with no prior military service who are placed in select MOS's. Bonuses are paid when a Soldier reaches his/her first duty station after completing Initial Entry Training (IET). After active duty, a Soldier has two options: re-enlist in the active Army or transition back to the ARNG in a drilling status.

The Active First Program has three phases:
- Phase One - Recruit enlists in the ARNG, drills with his/her unit until leaving for basic training, attends basic training, and then Advanced Individual Training (AIT).
- Phase Two - Soldier completes Initial Entry Training (basic training plus AIT) and transitions to the active Army and receives orders for a regular Army unit.
- Phase Three - Soldier completes active duty and either re-enlists in the active Army or transitions to back to a drilling unit in the ARNG for the remainder of his/her eight year enlistment.

What has the Army done? Since the Active First Program launched on Oct. 1 it has produced 97 enlistments through Oct. 31. This fiscal year the program is expected to bring in approximately 1,600 Soldiers to the regular Army. That will help it make its recruiting mission this fiscal year in a tough recruiting environment, and contribute to the active component's growth over the next three years by 65,000 Soldiers to achieve a total force of 547,000.

And because of the Active First Program the Army National Guard will receive a stream of highly skilled and experienced Soldiers after they complete their active duty.

For more information: www.1-800-GO-GUARD.com/activefirst/ or www.goarmy.com.



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