Army Provides Improved On-line Support to Community

Tuesday November 20, 2007

What is it? serves as a "one-stop" knowledge center where Family members, Soldiers, leaders and Civilians can connect to their Army community and each other. With both public and secure pages, anyone can access to news, information and resources relevant to Army life.

What has the Army done? By incorporating information about all Family Programs into one Web site, the Army provides Soldiers and their Families a primary place to access information about Army life. With specialized sections developed for active duty, guard or reserve Soldiers or Family members, staff members, or Civilians, provides accurate information about what military members or spouses can expect in their day-to day-lives and tools and tips for navigating their life as a spouse or Soldier.

Through MyArmyLifeToo, Soldiers and Family members can learn about support programs in plain language. Civilians can find out how to support the Army community and the mission.

MyArmyLifeToo also helps Soldiers and their Families communicate with each other in the online Army Family Community with easy-to-use, interactive tools such as the photo gallery, forum, chat and download center.

Why is this important to the Army? Technology is a vital tool for Families of deployed Soldiers. Multiple deployments are inevitable and not everyone has access to a local Family Readiness Group. Geographically dispersed Soldiers and their Families often feel disconnected from the rest of the Army.

MyArmyLifeToo helps build a sense of community through its various information sharing tools. It provides links to other web-based tools including the Army Virtual Family Readiness Groups, MilitaryOneSource, the Army Integrated Family Support Network and other FMWRC-sponsored sites providing access to the same comforts, assurances and sense of community found on a military installation..

MyArmyLifeToo is a single access point available to anyone, anywhere--no firewall, no sponsorship or common access card requirement--making it easy to use and accessible to anyone who has interest in Army life or a personal connection to a Soldier.



  • Army breaks ground for new hospital (ARNews)
  • Army defends light chopper amid warnings it could fail (HL)
  • Haven't gone to war? You're about to (AT)
  • GIs use strategic town as base in search for missing Soldiers (SAS)


  • U.S. prods Iraq to act during drop in violence (EB | LAT)
  • Operation Marne Courageous targets al-Qaeda in Anbar Province (AFIS)
  • Half-ton weapons cache found, destroyed following Iraqi citizens' tip (MNF)
  • Routing out the Taliban through talks (SAS)


  • Soldier journals her run at Miss America (ARNews)
  • President Bush counts troops among America's blessings this Thanksgiving (AFIS)
  • Dave Matthews Band rocks West Point after Army beats Navy, Air Force (ARNews)
  • Soldier decries AWOL arrest at hospital (AP)


  • General says northern Iraq most violent region (GRD | Story)
  • President Bush's favorite lie (ALJ | Story)
  • U.S. says finds shackled bodies in Iraq Qaeda sweep (RT | Story)
  • U.S. troops deploy new weapon in Iraq (MET | Story)


  • Insurgents adapt IED attacks, target foot patrols in Iraq (TN)
  • More Eagle Scouts assist the wounded (SAM)
  • Photo story Monday - whoops! (AOD)
  • Old fears, new technologies (ACG)

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