Installation Management Command Records Successful First Year of Strengthening Soldier and Family Readiness for an Expeditionary Army

Wednesday October 24, 2007

What is it? Oct. 24, 2007, marks the first anniversary of the stand up of the U.S. Army Installation Command and a successful year of strengthening Soldier and Family readiness for an expeditionary Army.

Why was IMCOM activated? IMCOM was created to better manage installations by reducing bureaucracy, applying a uniform business structure, sustaining the environment, and enhancing the quality of life of the military community. IMCOM consolidated three installation-focused organizations -- the Installation Management Agency, the Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation Command (formerly the Army Community and Family Support Center) and the Army Environmental Command (formerly the Army Environmental Center) -- under a single command. IMCOM's activation reinforced the Army's commitment to providing a high standard of capabilities and services across all installations, to improving installation readiness, and providing Soldiers and Families a quality of life equal to their service to the nation. IMCOM's activation also reinforced a long-standing Army commitment to implementing best practices and achieving business transformation of installations, while better protecting the installation environment and sustaining Army resources.

What is IMCOM doing? IMCOM's strategic objectives are:
- Improving installations and facilities in support of the Army, providing relevant and ready manpower.
- Enabling the training of Soldiers and adaptive leaders by providing and maintaining high-quality training areas, ranges and facilities.
- Supporting and sustaining the All-Volunteer Force by providing a high quality of life, caring for Soldiers and Families and Army Families, and improving Soldier and Family housing.
- Providing infrastructure and support by adjusting the Army's global footprint and by implementing business transformation initiatives to reduce operating costs while delivering better services.

IMCOM manages 109 installations and their resources, including:
- 583,000 Family and single housing units
- 98,000 barracks spaces
- 973 million square feet building space
- 56,487 miles of roads
- 2,643 miles of railroad
- 589 recreational facilities
- 124 youth/teen centers
- 4,000 ranges
- 286 garrison dining facilities
- 60,609 archaeological sites
- 1,076 environmental permits
- 190 endangered species

What efforts are planned for the future? Looking ahead, IMCOM is dedicated to implementing the Army Soldier-Family Action Plan. This new initiative of the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army is focused on improving the quality of support to Soldiers and Families to preserve the strength of the All-Volunteer Force.



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