CSM & SGM Utilization and Management Modernization

Wednesday October 10, 2007

What is it? The CSM & SGM Utilization and Management System is how the Army selects and manages its most senior NCOs. Modernizing this will further facilitate the development of NCO Pentathletes - flexible, adaptive and competent leaders who support our Soldiers and our expeditionary Army at war.

What has the Army done? The DCS, G-1, in cooperation with the Human Resources Command, The U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, the Sergeant Major of the Army and his Board of Directors studied how Sergeants Major and Command Sergeants Major were selected for promotion and utilized within the force with an eye to how this process might better serve an expeditionary Army at war. What they found was a system and existing policies more supportive of a peacetime Army.

Together, these organizations recommended specific changes to the CSM & SGM utilization and management system that would improve leader development for the Army's most senior NCOs, maximize annual training seats, expand Command Sergeant Major opportunities in all Military Occupation Specialties, ensure unit manning and readiness, retain the best NCOs and enhance the quality of support to Soldiers - the centerpiece of the Army.

What is the Army going to do? The policy changes recommended and approved by the Chief of Staff of the Army, will initially change how Master Sergeants are selected for promotion to Sergeant Major, and in time, Command Sergeant Major appointment rules will change, as well as how the Army's most senior NCOs are trained for their leadership positions.

The FY07 Sergeant Major selection list was the last selection list to identify alternates to attend the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy's Sergeant Major Course. The FY08 list, and all lists thereafter, will directly tie selection for promotion to selection for school. Those who are selected will be promoted upon graduation of the course, or be frocked if necessary. The expectation is that all will attend the resident course and as an exception to policy, those who can not attend in resident, will be enrolled in the Sergeant Major Course Distance Learning to complete the requirement.

Why is this important to the Army? Improving leader development is essential to an Army engaged in a strategic environment of uncertainty and persistent conflict. To gain control of the complex ground environment the nation needs an adaptive Army capable of providing a continuous supply of ready forces to meet the full range of threats and challenges in the 21st century. The policy changes to how the Army selects and promotes its most senior enlisted leaders will provide for more flexible, adaptive and competent leaders with a broader leadership experience to draw upon while mentoring Soldiers and meeting the varied challenges of the future.


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"The Army and the nation will benefit from this change by having NCOs with greater leadership experience in a variety of operational environments, while Soldiers - the centerpiece of our Army - will benefit from the mentorship and leadership of these multi-skilled, adaptive and successful leaders." - Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army, Kenneth O. Preston.


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