Military Construction Transformation - Part 2

Friday October 5, 2007

Note: This is a continuation from yesterday's edition.

What has the Army done? MILCON Transformation principles were applied on a limited pilot basis in FY2006. In FY2007, these principles were applied to much of the $7 billion of construction for the Army. One result of these efforts is the successful progress in construction of Brigade Combat Team (BCT) facilities. Use of MILCON Transformation principles has put the Army on track to complete these key facilities within 18-24 months, which is an expectation of the Army leadership. In addition, across most geographical regions of the country, there is increased industry interest in the Army construction program, which in turn will lead to greater competition and better value for the Army. At the same time, we are challenged by a very strong construction market where competition for skilled labor and materials is tight.

What continuing efforts are planned? To address these challenges, the Army is placing more emphasis on pre-design planning. Together with Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) and Installation Management Command (IMCOM), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is focused on cost and scope validation to allow the Army to fund required FY2009 project level shortfalls and to prioritize construction requirements in the remaining years of the current POM. ACSIM, IMCOM and USACE are posturing themselves to move out on the development of budget book-ready DD Form 1391s for the new BCTs resulting from the Grow-the-Force initiative and together we are looking ahead to shaping the FY10 program as well. USACE Centers of Standardization are on track to have facility-specific regional contracts in place in FY2008 to facilitate the standardization of the acquisition and construction of Army standard facilities. In coordination with eight USACE Centers of Standardization, our districts will continue to execute the construction requirement (facilities and infrastructure). Results of the design-build generated designs of standard facilities in FY2006 through FY2008 will be used to determine the "standard" model to be used in the future adapt-build mode.

Why is this important to the Army? MILCON Transformation will ensure the Army has the facilities and infrastructure necessary to provide the combatant commanders with the capabilities to achieve National Defense Strategy objectives. These facilities will ensure that our Soldiers and Families will have the quality of training and quality of life commensurate with their service.


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