Military Construction Transformation - Part 1

Thursday October 4, 2007

What is it? Military Construction (MILCON) Transformation is the project delivery process the Army is using to provide quality, adaptable and sustainable facilities in less time and at lower cost. Key to this effort is the standardization of processes and facilities as well as the adoption of private sector best practices. The Army is moving away from overly prescriptive requirements to performance-based criteria as well as moving from design-build acquisition to site-adapt facilities. Site adaptation is scheduled to begin for Army standard facilities in FY2009.

Under MILCON Transformation:
- Facility service life will continue to be 50 years and the facilities will meet life-safety and Army sustainability goals to include the mandated energy savings requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and compliance with the International Building Code.
- The potential pool of contractors capable of providing the needed facilities increases with the inclusion of Type 1 (noncombustible) thru Type V (composite) construction and the expanded use of manufactured building (permanent) solutions. This improves competition and helps control costs.
- Implementation of a reliable steady funding system with limited funding increments will allow contractors to build more efficiently and reduce execution cost and time.
- Effective master planning will improve the real property management process.
- Greater emphasis is placed on cost engineering to ensure the Army has in-depth knowledge of market conditions and pricing in order to provide sustainable facilities at the best value possible.
- Reshaping the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workforce is inevitable.

In addition, MILCON Transformation implementation will provide greater opportunities for Army personnel to learn new skill sets in the areas of Building Information Modeling (BIM); cost engineering and fast-track scheduling; concurrent design and construction practices; and knowledge of commercial building practices and standards. All of which will enhance the completion of quality, adaptable and sustainable facilities for the Soldier. MILCON Transformation is a culture change for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the garrison community, and for industry.

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