Regular Army Captain Retention Menu of Incentives

Friday September 14, 2007

What is it? The Army is implementing a Regular Army Captain Retention Menu of Incentives as part of a concerted effort to retain the extraordinary experience resident in our company grade officers, recognize their value, and grow the Army at key grades and skills to meet increased requirements. The menu allows officers an option for choice depending what is best for their personal situation. Incentives offered in exchange for a three-year active duty service obligation (ADSO) include graduate school, military schooling, branch or functional area transfer, or post of choice, or a Critical Skills Retention Bonus of $25,000 or more depending on the officer's accession branch.

What has the Army done? Officer retention has taken on renewed interest not because of an increase in officer loss rates, but because of a significant force structure growth and modularity. Company grade officer retention rates are consistent with historical averages but are amplified due to increased requirements - greater number of company grade positions in the modular brigades, and growth in the number of brigades in the Army. The Army has been working several initiatives to retain more of our highly experienced officers, including:

- Higher promotion rates. The last Major Promotion Board selected 97 percent. The DOPMA goal for this board is 80 percent.

- Earlier Promotion Pin-on Points. Officers are currently being promoted to major at 10-years time-in-service, down from 11-years.

- Expanded Graduate School Program (EGSP). In 2005, the Army implemented the EGSP with the dual objectives of increasing officer retention and providing developmental opportunities. EGSP allows Army leaders to identify talented officers for attendance at top quality civilian schools nationwide.

- Pre-Commissioning Incentives. The Army also implemented a program including post of choice for ADSO and branch of choice for ADSO, as well as Grad School for ADSO, in FY06.

- Extended Mandatory Retirement Date. The Army has extended the MRD for majors from 24 to 30 years as an additional effort.

The Army is committed to developing and retaining junior officers. We appreciate their continued sacrifice, and that of their families.


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