$20K Quick Ship Bonus Program

Monday September 10, 2007

What is it? The Quick Ship Bonus Program provides a $20,000 bonus to aspiring recruits who enlist and ship to basic training before Sep. 30, 2007. The intent of the program, which is generating high participation and significant news coverage, is to help the Army achieve its recruiting mission this fiscal year in a challenging recruiting environment.

What has the Army done? The $20K Quick Ship Bonus Program began July 25, 2007. It applies to new active-Army recruits with no prior military service who enlist for at least two-years' active duty. The bonus also is available to prior service recruits who enlist for at least three years.

The bonus covers all MOS's except for the Officer Candidate School and the Warrant Officer Flight Training enlistment options. Not eligible for a Quick Ship Bonus are recruits who don't meet educational and aptitude test score minimum requirements.

The $20,000 Quick Ship Bonus can be combined with other cash enlistment bonuses, up to a maximum $40,000 if an aspiring recruit signs up for at least four years. Cash enlistment bonuses also can be combined with either the Army's College Fund or the Student Loan Repayment Program.

The Quick Ship Bonus is among the enlistment benefits that Soldiers, especially Soldiers signed up for the $2K Referral Bonus Program, can tell prospective recruits about. The referral program enables Soldiers in all Army components, Department of the Army Civilians, and Army retirees to receive $2,000 for every potential recruit they refer who enlists, completes basic training, and graduates advanced individual training.

Since the Quick Ship Bonus Program began July 25, 2007 (through Sep. 05, 2007):
- 11,094 people signed enlistment contracts
- 8,030 qualified for the bonus (72.38 percent)
- 7,623 took the bonus (94.9 percent of those qualified)

What is the Army going to do? The Quick Ship Bonus Program is scheduled to expire Sep. 30, 2007. Prospective recruits can learn more about the Army's enlistment incentives and other opportunities by visiting a recruiter or logging on to www.goarmy.com.

Why is this important to the Army? The Quick Ship Bonus supports the Army's success in sustaining the All-Volunteer Force in a challenging recruiting environment, which includes a protracted war. Only about 3 in 10 young Americans meet the Army's enlistment standards (education, weight, character, etc.), and a strong economy offers a range of civilian job possibilities. Innovative enlistment options and incentives are a necessary component of the Army's recruiting strategy to attract qualified individuals and to continue providing the best led, best trained, and best equipped Soldiers to combatant commanders.


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