$2K Referral Bonus Program Continues Gaining Momentum; Quick Ship Bonus Helping

Tuesday September 4, 2007

What is it? The $2K Referral Bonus Program enables Soldiers in all Army components, Department of the Army Civilians, and Army retirees to get a $2,000 bonus for every potential recruit they refer who enlists, completes basic training, and graduates advanced individual training. The program's intent is to recognize members of the Army Family who advise young people on the benefits and opportunities of joining the Army and to motivate other prospective sponsors to do the same.

Now among the benefits sponsors can tell prospective recruits about is the $20,000 Quick Ship bonus. It applies to those who report for basic training before 30 September.

Through the $2K Referral Bonus program, a person making a referral provides online his/her Social Security number and the prospective recruit's name, address, Social Security number, and telephone number. To provide referrals to the regular Army and Army Reserve, sponsors submit them via the Sergeant Major of the Army Recruiting Team (SMART) link at www.2k.army.mil or by calling the U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) at 800-223-3735 ext. 6-0473. To refer people to the Army National Guard, sponsors go to www.1800goguard.com/esar. The $2K Referral Bonus Program is called ESAR (Every Soldier a Recruiter) in the Army National Guard.

$2K bonus recipients receive $1,000 after the people they referred start basic training, and another $1,000 after they complete advanced individual training.

Referrals of immediate family don't qualify sponsors for the $2K bonus. Immediate family includes a spouse, parent (including stepparent), child (natural, adopted, or stepchild), brother, or sister. Also, any person referred can't already have conducted an enlistment interview with a recruiter.

Ineligible for receiving the $2K referral bonus are soldiers in specific recruiting and retention positions, as well as Junior ROTC administrators and instructors.

What has the Army done?
- The positions of people seeking to promote Army service to prospective enlistees and refer them in order to receive the $2K referral bonus have been strengthened by the $20K Quick Ship bonus for aspiring recruits. Total benefits for enlisting now can reach up to $40K in cash and up to $70K for college under the Montgomery GI Bill Program.
- On Mar. 15, 2007, the Army expanded the $2K Referral Bonus Program to include Department of the Army civilians, some 240,000 of them, and also Army retirees.
- So far this fiscal year (Oct. 2006 through Aug. 27, 2007) the program has generated 36,396 referrals and, of that number, 6,325 accessions for the active Army and Army Reserve combined.

The $2K Referral Bonus Program is set to expire Dec. 31, 2007, but the Army has asked Congress to extend it.


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