Army Reserve: Selected Reserve Incentive Program

Thursday August 16, 2007

What is it? The Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) is designed to enhance recruiting and retention of Soldiers in critical Military Occupational Skills (MOS) to meet the Army Reserve readiness needs.

What has the Army Reserve done? The National Defense Act for 2005 enhanced the SRIP by:

- Increasing the amount of the Non-Prior Service Bonus to $20,000 with a 6-year obligation.
- Offering an Officer/Warrant Officer Accession Bonus of up to $10,000 with a 6-year obligation.
- Offering an Officer Affiliation Bonus in the amount of $10,000 with a non-prior SELRES restriction.
- Increasing the Enlisted Reenlistment Bonus to $15,000 with a 6-year obligation.
- Offering an Enlisted Affiliation Bonus in the amount of $20,000 maximum.
- Offering the Student Loan Repayment Loan program in the amount of $3,000 per year with a maximum offering of up to $20,000.

As a result of The National Defense Act for 2006, the Army Reserve is awaiting approval by OSD to implement incentives that are part of the Army Advantage Fund. This consists of up to $25,000 for Soldiers to either purchase a home (Army Home Ownership) or start a small business (Army Business Funding).

Other enhancements include an increase in the Reserve Income Replacement Program Bonus, which offers Soldiers a bonus ranging from $50-$3,000 who meet eligibility requirements; the Active Component to Reserve Component Transfer Bonus, which is available in the amount of $2,500 to Soldiers who transfer from other components to the Army Reserve. These incentives are expected to increase unit readiness and reduce required training expenditures.

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? The Army Reserve continues to update policies that do not support the current long-term mobilization of Army Reserve troops and to propose new incentives to aid in reducing the challenges the Army Reserve has in recruiting and retention.

Why is this important to the Army Reserve? The strength and retention efforts of the Army Reserve continue to be challenging with multiple mobilizations. The implementation of the reenlistment bonus ensures a ready pool of trained, contracted Soldiers in critical skill MOSs to support operational requirements of the Army Reserve.

- This topic was taken directly from the 2007 Army Posture Statement.


- 2007 Strategic Communication Guide - Be Army Strong, and Army Smart. Read the 2007 Army Strategic Communication Guide.


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