Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System- UPDATE

Tuesday August 14, 2007

What is it? Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) Personnel and Pay (Pers/Pay) is an internet based, single integrated military personnel and pay management system for all DoD military Services (Army and the Air Force) and components, designed to support peacetime and wartime readiness requirements. The development and implementation of DIMHRS is more than the deployment of an information technology solution. It is a revolutionary change in how the military Services conduct their personnel and pay business.

What has the Army done? The Army finalized DIMHRS development requirements and passed them to Northrop Grumman Information Technology (NGIT) at the Army Requirements Review (ARR) on 15 September 2006. The ARR defined the expected functionality of the DIMHRS Initial Operating Capability (IOC) and allowed NGIT to continue DIMHRS development. To ensure DIMHRS will provide the robust personnel, pay processes and security needs of the Army, a rigorous testing program has been developed.

The Army Operational Test Command completed a significant milestone on 21 November 2006, by conducting the DIMHRS Operational Test Readiness Review (OTRR) at Fort Hood. Human Resources Command (HRC) tasked the Army DIMHRS Program Office to accomplish the mission of providing the functional guidance, data migration, and operational (legacy) system interfaces, retirement of subsumed systems, training, support infrastructure, and fielding of the finished product. The Army G1, HRC, and the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information System established a Memorandum of Agreement for Systems Acquisition Support for the Army implementation of DIMHRS.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? Assess the best value for the Army and report the findings to the Defense Business Systems Modernization Committee. Under the current roll strategy, the Army is the first to implement DIMHRS (Per/Pay) followed by the Air Force. To better support fielding of DIMHRS in August 2008, Human Resources Transformation will assist in the transition to DIMHRS. The Army will design and implement new Business Process Training in accordance with doctrine and established standards while working with NGIT on DIMHRS Application Training. Training is scheduled to take place February - July 2008. Future Army testing activities will include System Integration Test, System Acceptance Test and Initial Operational Test.

Why is DIMHRS important to the Army? The Army's aging operational (legacy) systems do not adequately support wartime requirements (e.g., mobilization, dwell time) or critical core functionality across all three Army components. The capabilities provided by DIMHRS are essential to support a Modular, expeditionary Army and the Personnel Services Delivery Redesign doctrine. Some of the more important DIMHRS capabilities include: integrated personnel and pay, standardized data, flexibility to support future requirements, asset visibility, a single (logical) record for each Soldier, potential to support Joint Operations, ability to mobilize and demobilize quickly, efficiencies gained by workflow and self-service, and improved pay accuracy.


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