Officer Retention

Monday June 11, 2007

What is it? To provide information on officer loss rates and the initiatives the Army is implementing to retain more officers. Roughly 92 percent of the company grade officers are electing to remain in the Army. Company grade loss rates (lieutenant and captain) for FY05 was 8.55 percent, slightly below the Army average of 8.64 percent (FY 96-04). FY06 company grade loss rates were 7.9 percent. Immediately following September 11, 2001, company grade loss rates were at historical lows: 7.08 percent and 6.29 percent respectively. The three years prior to 11 September 2001, company grade loss rates averaged 9.8 percent.

What has the Army done? Officer retention has taken on renewed interest not because of an increase in officer loss rates, but because of a significant force structure growth and modularity. The Army is short roughly 3,500 active component officers, most of which are senior captains and majors. While the overall company grade loss rates are not alarming, the Army is being proactive and is working several initiatives to retain more of our best and brightest officers. These initiatives include:

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

- Higher promotion rates. The Army is currently promoting officers above the DOPMA promotion goals. The last Captain Promotion Board selected 98 percent of the first time considered officers and the Major Promotion Board selected 97 percent. The DOPMA goals for these boards are 90 percent and 80 percent respectively.

- Earlier Promotion Pin-on Points. The Army is promoting officers sooner than historical averages in order to fill the expanding captain and major authorizations. Promotion to captain averages 38 months time-in-service, against the historical average of 42 months. Officers are currently being promoted to major at 10-years time-in-service down from 11-years.

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