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Thursday May 3, 2007

What is it? The Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) Program recognizes excellence in installation management and encourages and rewards installations that optimize their environments and demonstrate a commitment to excellence in facilities and services.

U.S. Army Garrison Japan wins the Fiscal Year 2007 ACOE Award, to be presented at a Pentagon ceremony today. Fort Meade, MD, and Fort A.P. Hill, VA, takes second- and third-place awards, respectively. The Minnesota Army National Guard wins the Special Category Award for the National Guard, and the 88th Regional Readiness Command is the Special Category winner for the Army Reserve.

U.S. Army Garrison Japan wins the top ACOE award for continuously applying a comprehensive strategic analysis process to support combat mission requirements with its services and infrastructure. The garrison aligns its strategies and initiatives with those of higher headquarters using a framework based on the Army Performance Improvement Criteria (APIC) that are grounded in the internationally recognized Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Criteria.

Fort Meade's award reflects its success in institutionalizing strategic planning across the garrison, enabling the adoption of new business processes, reducing or avoiding operating expenses, and more effectively leveraging personnel talent and expertise. Fort A.P. Hill's award recognizes the garrison's use of APIC as a synchronization mechanism to assure that leadership considers all stakeholders, tailors processes and resources, and employs visionary thinking in garrison actions. The Minnesota National Guard's award reflects improvements made in pre-mobilization processing of Soldiers at its Deployment Readiness Center, the Guard's support for a long-term increase in its strength, and its actions in pioneering the "Beyond the Yellow Ribbon" program to ease the transition of Guard members from Soldier to civilian roles. The award to the 88th Regional Readiness Command, headquartered at Fort Snelling, MN, recognizes the Command's continual improvement in aligning financial, personnel, equipment and facility resources to assure Army readiness by providing qualified Soldiers and mission-ready units.

What has the Army done? Sponsored by the Chief of Staff of the Army and overseen by Installation Management Command (IMCOM), the ACOE Program dates to 1989. At the end of each year-long cycle, an objective review panel rigorously evaluates installations, scores their performance against APIC guidelines, provides their leaders with insights into the state of their organizations, and highlights areas for continued improvement. The ACOE Program builds on the organizational knowledge at installations and encourages a change in management perspective--from the "minimum essential" to the "maximum possible"--in order to better support Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians who live, work, train and play on Army installations.

Additional information:
-ACOE Portal on AKO


- 2007 Strategic Communication Guide enables unity of effort through consistent communication planning and provides source information on our strategic initiatives. (AKO login required)


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