Deployment Cycle Support

Wednesday April 4, 2007

What is it? Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) is a comprehensive process that ensures Soldiers, Army Civilians, and their families are better prepared and sustained throughout deployments. It provides a means to identify those who may need assistance with the challenges inherent to extended deployments. All Soldiers deployed away from home station for 90 days or more are required to complete the DCS process. Services are integrated throughout every phase of the process. Civilians and families are highly encouraged to take advantage of the resources provided.

What has the Army done? The Army completed a contingency plan that included a consolidated checklist and examples of briefings that were designed to assist Commanders in helping Soldiers, DA civilians, and families reintegrate into their pre-deployment environment. Throughout the DCS process the Army has identified and emphasized several critical requirements that help facilitate the reintegration process. Examples of these requirements are the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training, Reunion/Reintegration Training, Communication with Spouses Training, Post-Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796). The original DCS process began in theater (Redeployment phase) and continued at home station and demobilization sites (Post-Deployment and Reconstitution phases).

As of 30 November 2006, 474,244 Soldiers have completed the redeployment phase of the DCS process. Plans are currently being revised and will include lessons learned from multiple deployments and expand the process throughout all phases the deployment cycle.

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"When I'm not on active duty, I dream about it." - Army Dr. (Col.) Everett Spees, 73, who treated Soldiers on the battlefields of Vietnam and is now back on active duty as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Landstuhl, Germany.

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