Army Asymmetric Warfare Office

Wednesday March 28, 2007

What is it? The mission of the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office (AAWO) is the integration of military and civilian disciplines to rapidly organize, train and equip Army formations to defeat asymmetric threats; to lead change in the Army's culture toward a more mentally agile and adaptive force; and to reinforce "how to think" rather than "what to think". The Army established the AAWO to be the Army's focal point for all AW initiatives and serve as its link to the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in the current and future IED fight. Moreover, AAWO develops the Army's service-specific broad perspective and policy/planning efforts in AW. AAWO consists of five Divisions (IED-Defeat, Electronic Warfare, Force Protection, Operations & Intelligence Integration, Plans/Futures) and has two pre-existing organizations now subordinate to it (Rapid Equipping Force, Asymmetric Warfare Group).

What has the Army done? DoD Directive 2000.19E established JIEDDO and resulted in the absorption of the Army's IED Task Force. This required the Army to reestablish its Service component representative to the JIEDDO as well as a single Army Staff focal point for all AW, to include IED, policies, programs and resources. HQDA EXORD 158-06 directs the establishment of an AAWO that centralizes all IED functions as well as electronic warfare, force protection, information operations, asymmetric warfare policy and program management. AAWO's five divisions are described briefly here:

- Improvised Explosive Device-Defeat (IEDD). Coordinate all Service IEDD actions and champion all Army IED initiatives. Provide oversight and management of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) program in support of Army strategic and operational requirements.

- Electronic Warfare (EW). Establish EW as a core warfighting capability within the Army, enabling the Army's ability to fight in a Joint environment with capabilities commensurate with other services. EW trains Soldiers at all ranks and at all tiers in EW skills.

- This topic was taken directly from the 2007 Army Posture Statement. To continue reading this topic in its entirety, click here.


- 2007 Strategic Communication Guide enables unity of effort through consistent communication planning and provides source information on our strategic initiatives. (AKO login required)

- ASMIS-2 is now TRiPS
Adopted across the Department of Defense, the tool known to Soldiers as ASMIS-2 has been improved and on March 15 officially became TRiPS, Travel Risk Planning System. This valuable tool continues to give users a comprehensive risk assessment based on their travel plans and recommends actions to help lower risks. For more information about TRiPS, click here.


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