ACU Issued as OCIE

Wednesday March 21, 2007

The Army G-4 has received numerous inquiries in regard to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) message released on 13 January 2007, that directs Soldiers to turn-in their "Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment" (OCIE) issued ACUs. The following paragraphs explain why and what the Army G-4 is doing to allow Soldier's to retain OCIE issued ACUs.

The Army has learned through experience that it is more cost effective to the Army to allow Soldiers to retain the uniforms, rather than requiring Soldiers to turn in their ACUs after a combat deployment.

The Army G-4 has drafted and staffed proposed legislative change that would authorize Soldiers to retain OCIE issued uniforms that are worn during combat. Until that legislation is enacted, which is currently on the hill for consideration by Congress, there is no lawful authority to allow Soldiers to retain such ACUs.

In the mean time, Soldiers are allowed to retain their ACUs issued as OCIE on their OCIE Clothing Record (DA Form 3645), until Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or End Term of Service (ETS), whichever occurs first.

Further information on OCIE issued ACUs can be addressed to HQDA G-4, COL Drake at 703.693.1624 or


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