Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline

Monday March 19, 2007

What is it? The "Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline" can be reached from 0700-1900 EDT, Monday through Friday, at 1-800-984-8523. The call center is under the initial operational command of the US Army's Human Resources Command. As additional people are trained to receive calls and refer them to the proper organization or agency for resolution, the hotline hours of operation will expand to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What has the Army done? On Mar 19th, at the direction of the Acting Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff, Army, the Army opened the phones on its newly created Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline.

The purpose of the call center is twofold: To offer wounded and injured Soldiers and family members a way to seek help to resolve medical issues and to provide an information channel of Soldier medical related issues directly to senior Army leadership so they can improve the way the Army serves the medical needs of our Soldiers and their families.

Many wounded and injured Soldiers who have supported the Global War on Terror, as well as their families, are enduring hardships in navigating through our medical care system. Our Army is committed to providing outstanding medical care for the men and women who have volunteered to serve this great nation. In certain cases the Soldiers' chain of command could have done a better job in helping to resolve medically related issues.

Leaders in our Soldiers' chain of command need to be aware that this call center exists, and that it has not been created to circumvent the chain of command. In this particularly challenging time, as our senior Army leadership looks to ways to improve our service to wounded and injured Soldiers and their families, this is another step in the direction of improvement.

The Army's intent is to ensure wounded and injured Soldiers and their families that they receive the best medical care possible. It is not to punish Soldiers who make a statement against their chain of command. The Army chain of command will ensure every Soldier is assisted in navigating the Military Health Care System.


- 2007 Strategic Communication Guide enables unity of effort through consistent communication planning and provides source information on our strategic initiatives. (AKO login required)

- $2,000 Referral Bonus Expanded to Army Civilians
Effective 15 March, the Referral Bonus Program has been expanded to include Department of the Army Civilians. This recruiting incentive currently pays Soldiers and Army retirees $2,000 for referring applicants who enlist in the Regular Component of the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard; complete basic training; and graduate advanced individual training. For more information about this incentive program, visit www.usarec.army.mil/smart or call 1-800-223-3735, ext. 6-0473.


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