2007 Army Posture Statement - Transforming Army Intelligence

Monday March 12, 2007

Our Army and Armed forces are adapting to face a changed paradigm of warfare. Ongoing counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere reflect the tough challenges inherent in countering extremist enemies in highly complex environments. As part of US Army efforts to increase full spectrum operational capacity at the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) level, Army Intelligence is transforming to provide fused, all-source "actionable" intelligence, along tactically useful timelines, to Soldiers and Commanders at all levels. Four components are key to this transformation:

- Increasing Military Intelligence (MI) capacity and skills balance

- Enabling distributed access to an all-source, "flat" integrated network

- Revitalizing Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

- Increasing intelligence readiness

Increasing MI Capacity and Balance

The complex nature of warfare today makes it essential that our Brigade Combat Teams collect on all aspects of their environment. Each BCT and subordinate Battalion (BN) must detect, positively identify, track and target enemy activities with minimal assistance from higher level intelligence centers. Each BCT/BN intelligence section (S2) must be able to rapidly fuse and visualize all sources of information, regardless of classification, to understand norms, changes, linkages and significance in near-real time.

Aggressive efforts are now underway to increase the number of MI collectors, intelligence "synchronizers" and analysts at Brigade and Battalion levels. BCT S2 sections have more then doubled in size; each modular BCT now has an assigned MI Company with organic human intelligence (HUMINT), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and analysis capabilities.

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