2007 Army Posture Statement - Army Sustainability Strategy

Wednesday February 28, 2007

Army Sustainability is a comprehensive, systems approach to planning and decision-making designed to sustain the natural infrastructure, which includes the land, water, air, and energy resources required to conduct our mission.

Advances in technology, ever-increasing global population, and urbanization have effectively made the world smaller. They have placed greater stresses on the world's interconnected human, economic, and natural systems. Local and regional issues, such as famine, natural disasters, ecological degradation, economic decline, political upheaval, and disputes over precious and sometimes scarce natural resources, are evolving into global issues that influence how the United States must respond and interact--through political, economic, and when necessary, military engagement.

Fielding new weapons systems, adjusting tactics, and consolidating forces through Base Realignment and Closure and global repositioning all impact - as well as are impacted by - our ability to sustain the natural infrastructure, which includes the land, water, air, and energy resources required to conduct our mission.

Traditionally, the DoD has defined sustainability solely in terms of the necessary level and duration of forces, material and consumables necessary to achieve mission objectives. The Army now recognizes that to sustain the mission, we must clearly recognize and consider often non-traditional internal and external aspects that may influence our ability achieve sustainability over time. The Army Strategy for the Environment - Sustain the Mission, Secure the Future expands on the traditional sustainability concept, describing a sustainable Army as simultaneously meeting current as well as future mission requirements worldwide, safeguarding human health, improving quality of life and enhancing the natural environment. The six goals outlined in this strategic document guide how we are integrating sustainability considerations into each of the Army's four overarching strategies.


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