2007 Army Posture Statement- Sustain an All-Volunteer Force Composed of Highly Competent Soldiers that are Provided an Equally High Quality of Life

Wednesday February 21, 2007

Our continuing success in accomplishing the Army mission is directly attributed to the talented men and women of our Army who provide "boots on the ground" around the world. We are sustaining the All-Volunteer Force by:

- Honoring our commitment to care for these versatile young Americans and their families.

- Enhancing numerous programs for housing, education, health care, and other areas to improve how we support our Soldiers and their families.

- Promoting a greater sense of belonging to units and communities to build readiness and cohesion while reducing uncertainty.

- Executing a full range of initiatives to recruit and retain Soldiers with the right aptitudes and attitudes.

- Working to match the quality of life that our Soldiers enjoy to the quality of service they provide to the Nation.

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I testified previously that I was concerned with the strategic depth in the Army. We're now supplying more [troops], therefore we have an additional challenge in strategic depth. Obviously, we are not going to put any force into theater that is not properly trained and equipped. Therefore 'scurry' is a kind word in terms of the machinations we go through to make this happen.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, speaking before the House Armed Services Committee.


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