2007 Army Posture Statement-Provide Relevant and Ready Landpower for the 21st Century Security Environment

Friday February 16, 2007

We are improving our capabilities to prevail in the war on terror and sustain all of our global commitments. While fighting, we are:

- Accelerating our efforts to transform and to modernize.
o Transforming to create an active and reserve component pool of 76 modular Brigade Combat Teams and approximately 225 Support Brigades.
o Modernizing - for the first time in decades - to develop Future Combat Systems, new aviation systems, and over 300 advanced technologies and systems.

- Building a modular force in which brigades - not divisions - can "plug into" joint and coalition task forces in expeditionary and campaign settings.

- Improving readiness to deal with traditional, irregular, catastrophic, and disruptive challenges.

- Building depth (more) and breadth (more kinds) of capability to ensure Soldiers and units can adapt to these challenges.
o Growing the Army and accelerating our schedule to field more brigades, to increase our strategic depth and to relieve stress on Soldiers and equipment.
o Developing more kinds of capability by making our brigades more powerful, versatile, deployable, and relevant to new challenges.
o Transforming our supporting organizations to better support combat and logistics operations.

- Creating improvements in: Sustaining the Force, Actionable Intelligence, Stability Operations, Homeland Defense, Operating in Complex Environments, and more.

- Ensuring that every investment in our current force benefits our future force.

For further information on this and other strategic initiatives, visit the 2007 Army Posture Statement website.


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"We absolutely know that Iran is allowing these precision made EFP components to be made in Iran and smuggled here into Iraq and being used here to kill."-Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman, Feb. 14, regarding "explosively formed penetrators," saying their export must be made public after diplomatic efforts failed.

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